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“One day you will wake up and all of a sudden, the weight of the last few weeks, months, or even years will be lifted off your shoulders. You can’t control when that day comes, all you can do is stay strong and trust that it is coming.”

its okay!

Text by Soffy Nur Hanifah

Photo by  Putu Diva Wulan Wiyandhari


Who doesn't want perfection in their life? Have a perfect life from all aspects. Always want to be okay. Always want to be happy. Always wanted to be a "good person". Want to be seen as perfect by others, without flaws.


Everyone tries their best to be the best. Pursuit the perfection that has been coveted. It seems like the greatest thing is when we get perfection in life. It's a positive thing if you keep trying to develop yourself into a better person. But sometimes it makes us forget that we are only human.


Nothing is perfect in this world. Who are we to be able to get perfection from all aspects of life that exist? Please don't push yourself to get perfection. Nothing is perfect here and that's a very reasonable thing. You're not a fictional character who can suddenly do anything you want. You're not in a fairy tale with super good characters without flaws. You are just an ordinary person living in this world, who is trying your best to become a better person, who is trying to achieve your goals, who is trying to find happiness, who is trying to get a better life.


If you are currently doing that, that's a good thing. I just want to say, we are all just ordinary people who are very far from perfect. Someone says, “you are perfect because of your imperfections”. I believe that word and I want you to believe it too. Because why do you keep trying so hard, even forcing yourself, to find perfection? In fact you yourself are trying to cover up the dark side that is in you? Or maybe you just keep ignoring it, trying to forget it, and getting rid of it?


Its okay if you have a dark side in yourself. You don't have to be ashamed, feel really bad or even regret it. Because actually, all humans in this world do have a dark side. Maybe sometimes your dark side makes you very burdened, therefore you continue to ignore it but it will never disappear.


Maybe you are afraid to admit your dark side. You are afraid that if other people find out you have a dark side, they will hate you. You are afraid because you feel you are different from other people. You are afraid of being looked lower than others. You are afraid that others will see you as imperfect.

Hey! its okay. You're normal. There's nothing strange about you. No one has the right to judge you lowly because they are the same as you, they are just ordinary people. Its okay if you have a dark side. Aren't you tired of constantly trying to be perfect and ignoring your dark side? You have to be able to accept that you do have a dark side. If you can accept that, you must know what makes your dark side present. Because with that you will know what you can do to minimize the negative things caused by your dark side. I know it's not easy. But I hope you will try to at least accept the fact that you have a dark side. Like I said before, your dark side is a part of you. Deal with it, and you will understand yourself better. Love yourself completely. Why are you trying so hard and hoping for perfection out there if in fact you still can't accept your own imperfections? You are perfect with your imperfections. You will be much happier when you can accept yourself as you are and completely love yourself.

Leaves dance from the branches
As silent as death
Really.. What is going on?
Jokes and laughter are restrained

Day by day pass
Laughter sounds start to heard again
Ah.. My heart feels happy
Silence turns into a crowd, as usual 

Text by  Karina Prilia

sometimes all you need is to lying supine

Text by  Kirana Nurul Hafidza

Illustration by Fransiska Ardelia Cahyawijaya

The most challenging thing in the world is losing someone you care about. This type of agony radiates throughout your entire body. It's the worst type of pain. Furthermore, it appears like no one else knows what you are going through. When you're going through the first few weeks and months of grieving, friends and family are there for you. They will cry with you, listen to your tales, bring you meals, and check up on you frequently.  However, after about three months, the crowds begin to dwindle. People want you to go back to your regular routine and assume that you will, too. You begin to feel the isolation of sadness for the first time. Year after the death of loved ones, you learn how to deal with the first milestones, such as your birthday and anniversary.

After that, the actual pain begins. You come to terms with the fact that you must keep going. But actually, no one can advise you on how to deal with your sorrow. When dealing with the loss, don't let anyone tell you when it's time to get rid of their belongings or stop sobbing or visiting the cemetery. Determine when you're ready for change on your own. The pain you feel is yours to bear. Every time you shed a tear for a deceased loved one, you are honoring their memory and the memories you have of them. It tells the world that we've lost a loved one but that they'll always be a part of our lives.

Talk to folks who don't tell you how you should feel. As long as it's okay with you, others will allow you to feel sad, share your story, or simply sit and listen. Reach out to a counsellor at the Help Center if you're afraid or struggling to get through the day and need some extra help. They can't take away the pain, but they can help you learn to walk through it.

feeling lost.png

the end is just a new beginning

Text by  Shella Lodra

Photo by  Shella Lodra

For years, I have been working on graduation photo sessions. One thing I reflect on is when someone is graduating, it's absolutely an achievement, regardless of how many years passed to get the degree. Graduating from university may look so relaxing (it is, actually). Yet, the relaxing moment is not really lasting long, it's more like a "welcome to the new beginning of life". After graduating, we may cross a different path with friends. Some people may go fast, some others may walk slowly, another friend may build a new life they have been wanting all the time. It's totally okay to walk in your own path and enjoy the journey.


media department

Webinar COMED is a program from the media, communication and information department of Student Executive Board 2021. This work program was held online on October 25, 2021 through a Zoom Meeting with the theme “Peluang  Content Creating sebagai Karir Masa Depan”. Then, this webinar will talk about "Maximizing Content Creator Potential as Career Opportunities in the Modern Era". 

This webinar is attended by speakers who are competent in content creating, namely Michelle Tjandra as an alumni of Parahyangan Catholic University majoring in international relations and Kevin Nguyen as co-founder of @cetakreator. 

The purpose of this program is to provide a correct understanding of how to become a content creator, to provide knowledge that content creating is a job that is able to develop student creativity, and to provide a platform for students to learn how to build a future career as content creators.


ZOOM IN 2021 is a program from media, communication and information department of Student Executive Board 2021. ZOOM IN is a guide book that not only contains information or basic knowledge about Parahyangan Catholic University but also the surroundings. This work program was held on September 8, 2021. ZOOM IN is aimed to the new students of Parahyangan Catholic University and gives them an overview as a provision in living their college life and then, ZOOM IN 2021 was created with the theme seasons of life which gives the essence of colors and joys and sorrows in living a college life. For more information about ZOOM IN, can be accessed through the Student Executive Board and Issue websites.

creative economy department

Parahyangan Marketive x blu by BCA Digital is a program from the department of creative economy of Student Executive Board 2021. This work program was held online on October 16 - 24, 2021. This competition was held to invite participants to solve business challenges with problems in the form of problem-solving situations.The purpose of this work program is to facilitate students to hone their skills in critical thinking and creativity.

art and culture department

Sayembara Karya is a program from the department of creative economy of Student Executive Board 2021. This work program was held online on October 5, 2021. This year, sayembara karya was presented using the name "Kartala" which has the meaning of light rays, which we hope through this work program to provide encouragement in preserving the culture that is owned even in this pandemic period. This year we also raised the theme "Kelana Warna-Warni Nusantara" which symbolizes Indonesia's wealth in the field of art and culture which is currently still growing and needs to be preserved.  

PSDM_Seni Budaya_Sayembara Karya 2 - Pascal Rival.jpg

We carry out several forms of activities during its implementation, namely competitions related to art such as band races, painting, photography, posters, and short movies, this race is attended by students and students from all over Indonesia. We also organized a workshop activity that we named "Kartwork", where in the activity we invited Eva Alicia as our speaker, in the workshop the participants were taught to be able to use the media at home to become painting media, on this occasion Eva Alicia used used bottle media to become painting media.

We also invite Yahya who is a singer who has recently been on the rise with the song "keepyoursafe". The purpose of this work program is to Creating a platform to hone creativity, interests, and talents in the field of arts and culture for students who participate in the 2021 Contest, as well as to improve the preservation of Indonesian art and culture for students who participate in the 2021 Competition of Works.

good day, bad day.

Text by  Desty M. Maharani

Photo by Desty M. Maharani

Each day is a new chapter for anyone and I know starting over can be scary, but you deserve the life you want. You can't start over in your life if you're still holding onto the past. Remember that things happen for a reason.


am i that bad?

Text by  Elisabeth Fortuna

Photo by  Stevanus Arya Prastya

Have you ever been in a position to be intimidated by other people because of some form of emotion that you don't even know why you are like this?

Isn't it weird?

Why should I be intimidated?

Am I different from the others?

But, doesn't everyone have their own way of expressing their desires?

Am I wrong?

Am I immature?

Giving more expectations to try to attract people's attention is not something that should be done. We live in an environment that requires us to always have high social values, but it doesn't mean that other people must understand us. When we feel that no one can understand us, there will be a form of emotion that comes from us.

 Should we reply to the same person or ignore whatever they say? Not everyone in this world has high social sensitivity too. They try to always be listened to without having to listen, we need to control the emotions that exist within us, so we can always give the best for others and become more mature.

who you are?

Text by Cristiana Devina

Photo by Meliani Susanto and Christopher Leonaldo

Do you have a dream? In life, having a dream is an important thing. If you have a dream, you will have a purpose in your life. You are going to do something that brings you closer to your dream. But if you don’t have a dream, you don’t have a purpose. You wouldn’t have the energy to go through your daily activities, your life will be flat and boring.

Your mindset is the most important thing to shape what you believe to be possible. For example, if you had the aim of becoming an astronomer, you would often observe stars or moon, buy a telescope, and read books about galaxies. That means you have a point you want to reach and you will do what you think.

The basic formula is you are what you think. The simple example is that when you think that you can’t do math lessons, this mind will restrict your movement. You will not pay attention to the lessons seriously and it is engraved in your subconscious that you cannot make it happen. What you think continuously will be stored in your subconscious. Your subconscious is more dominant than your conscious. For example, we don’t need to think about how to eat, walk, or sleep.

If you think you are a loser, you will be a loser. If you think you are a boring person, then you will be a boring person. If you think you are a nice person, then you will be a nice person. Remember you are what you think. Your life is as good as your mindset so keep your thoughts positive.

liberation/ imprisonment


Text by Kirana Nurul Hafidza

Painting is one method of expressing one's thoughts and feelings. There is always a deeper message hiding behind the surface of everything beautiful. It represents a human being with all of his or her undesirable characteristics, just as this painting. A human head can be seen on the left side of the image, pulling something out, and there is another human head on the right side of the image. One of the heads is poorly portrayed and does not match the human head on the left, which could represent the 'alter ego' or the negative side of humans that have an impact on it. Afterwards, it was described as "something" related to yawning coming from within this human's skull. In the steam, there is also a red eye, which can represent a variety of negative emotions such as rage, envy, and other human vices. All of man's undesirable characteristics are freed, removed, and healed so that he can be good again (symbolized by the moon and doves). On the whole, all humans must have flaws, such as envy and other bad characteristics.

Illustration by Hanif Shidqii

reality makes us grow

Text by Dwinanda Anggiarini

Illustration by Angeline Krisna


Year after year that we live together with these changes make us comfortable, so we become accustomed to the limitations of activities outside the home. Accustomed to being busy at home dealing with cellphones and laptops, communicating via screens, the absence of physical touch and eye contact. The pandemic that is month after month, day after day, and as time goes by always increases, makes our mobility limited. Stand in the comfort zone for some people is not something that they like, some people like to try new things every day, they are used to doing activities outside the home, used to spending time throughout the day by shopping, eating dinner, hang around with someone or their friends, and many more. In a view of how much we've been through so far, how many steps, time and energy we've spent to follow all the rules to get us used to this situation.


Looking at the existing developments, previously we were very pessimistic about the situation and circumstances. Can this situation change or do we have to change forever? Hearing information about recent developments, where the situation has started to return to normal. Positive cases have begun to decrease, new living situations are back again like the normal life that many people want. Slowly, online schools are starting to reopen. Shopping centers, tourist attractions and cafes began to be crowded. Some people are starting to let go of their tiredness, some are still at home with a comfort situation for them.


When people are comfortable with a new life it is difficult to start a normal life again. Adaptation is needed in this case. Most people have less time to socialize, face-to-face at school and college, and work in offices. In fact, with this change, we should be able to start back to the normal life that we hoped for before. We can balance our needs with our wants, traveling without thinking about any rules, meet people face to face, quality time with people that we love, and can choose the path that we want. Everything will be fine without worrying about the former. This life experience makes us more mature with reality.

editor's letter

Text by Joel Jaiden

Everyone has a past. Whether it is dark and full of guilt is also painful. Or it was the past that was bright and made him happy. 

There are people who keep thinking about their bad past so that they don’t dare to go through their future.

STOP, think of the past! Live for today! Focus your mind and energy on what you will do today.

Make the past as a lesson to take positive wisdom from all mistakes so as not to repeat the same thing again. 

As the saying goes, "Let the past pass, do not think too deeply". Life is for today. Life is to build the future, not the past. 

Work your best for the future tirelessly. Don't let there be free time to daydream and imagine the past.

Keep yourself busy every day with positive activities, so that there is no more time to think about yesterday. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself. If you regret it, regret it sincerely.


Stop blaming yourself.


Stop harboring lingering resentment and hatred towards others, because it will only become a disease that gnaws and kills slowly.


Forget the person who has hurt you and forgive even if it is difficult, as a condition for happiness.


Accept all events sincerely. Take the wisdom, take a deep breath and relax.


Force yourself to change right now. Convince yourself to start a new life. Convince yourself that tomorrow will be better. 

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