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"The journey of life is a sheet by sheet that we are typing and when it is over it is called a powerpoint."

editor's letter

Text by Elisabeth Fortuna

Photo by Meliani Susanto


"To Begin Doing Something". Running, walking, or moving to get out of a comfort zone is not an easy thing to do. Designing a new step that doesn't know how it will end, is it easy? Standing tall with only their heads without other body parts, missing out on the most important things in life. Perhaps, many hopes had been planned all this time, but it was cut short with only one word that answered all questions, namely "Covid". Covid is the root of situations and conditions change, whether things change for the better or change for the worse. 

Many things we face, one of which is about loss, including losing love, losing time, losing opportunities, losing family, losing friends, and many more. Will these things continue to affect our circumstances? Sadness will always be there but are we just in that cycle of sadness all the time? Remembering there will always be people behind the scenes. Talk about people, there is one word that we often hear, the word “Social”, is the first word that comes to mind is help? embrace? or individualist? Of course not, the meaning of the word "Social" is sometimes not implemented by our actions, but only as a word that has no meaning. Sometimes we wish that other people could change our situation, but what is the reality? There is nothing we can expect from other people because they are only curious about what is happening in our lives.

Apart from that, changes and developments began to be seen along with the efforts made by us, the government, and doctors. The circumstances of the past two years had looked very messy, dark and saw no possibility of circumstances to recover from this situation, but there seemed to be a lot of hope in it. While it continues to develop, what can we prepare for? We have to prepare ourselves to face this normal situation again, but some of us are still confused or they just want things to change but not themselves. It might be hard to do, but why don't we try?

Text by Eilen Monica

Photo by  Putu Diva Wulan Wiyandhari

Hey… Have you taken the MBTI test yet? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Of course you already know that extrovert is a common type of personality in cheerful people while introverts are more likely to be quiet people. For decades, studies have reported higher levels of well-being and happy moments in extroverts. But, the existence of COVID-19, which requires us to stay at home, will definitely affect the happiness of each type, namely extroverts and introverts. A study published in the scientific journal PLOS One proves that extroverts' mood worsen while introverts improve during the pandemic.

That temporary shift has created a kind of social science field experiment that highlights all the ways introverts and extroverts can learn from one another. For example, introverts should focus more on the future as extroverts do. In addition, extroverts adapt quickly and always have ways to build their happiness when they are “staying at home”, such as playing online games together, doing zoom or video call with friends, or just watching film (online) with friends. On the other hand, extroverts must forge deep friendships, which introverts tend to have.

 In 2022, we are all expecting our activities now will be back to normal activities such as offline lectures. After approximately 1.5 years at home, we are definitely required to adjust our activities back to the way it was before the pandemic. Just like adapting from offline to online, both extroverts and introverts need to quickly accustom back from online to offline. Contrary from the previous condition, offline conditions are certainly favored by extroverts. So, for those of you who are introverts, don't lose hope! Introverts can learn many things from extroverts. For instance, how extroverts socialize, although introverts are definitely smaller in scope than extroverts.

For introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between, there is no standard that says one personality is better than other. Whatever your personality type is, you have to easily adapt to any existing condition. Goodluck!!




internal public relations

Dialog Informatif is a program from public relations department of Student Executive Board 2021. This dialogue as a forum for the student executive board with student activity units and student associations. This work program was held on August 18, 2021. The purpose of this work programme is to socialization of initiation and adaptation 2021.

dialog informatif.jpg

Lingkar Kahim is a program from public relations department of Student Executive Board 2021, where this meeting is a forum that can facilitate discussions between BEM and HMPS. This program was held online via Zoom meeting on April 19th, 2021. This program aims to establish a close and harmonious relationship between BEM and HMPS. Lingkar Kahim was attended by Taffarel Montero, Ferdinandus Bryan, as well as the entire HMPS chairmanship.

Diusik Ormawa or so called Safari Lembaga is a program from public relation department of Student Executive Board 2021, where this meeting is a communication media between BEM and all of the Student and Community Activity Units. This activity aims to be a means of corporation between them. Diusik Ormawa was held on May 28th, 2021 through a Zoom meeting.

Parahyangan Forum Discussion is a program from Public Relations Department of Student Executive Board 2021. This work program was held on September 28, 2021. Parahyangan Forum Discussion is a forum for Parahyangan Catholic University students to express their aspirations and their complaints about the process of studying from home during the pandemic. The purpose of this work program is to find out the condition experienced by students during studying.

external public relations

TEDxUNPAR, is a program from Public Relations Department of Student Executive Board 2021. This work program was held on September 27, 2021. TEDxUNPAR is an activity that is overseen by the TED organization as an independent activity that is dedicated to spreading ideas in a community. The Department of External Public Relations which is under the auspices of the Student Executive Board has held the TEDx program twice, and this year is the third time. Raising “Disruptive Innovation” as the main discussion, it is hoped that TEDxUNPAR 3.0 can present topics that are relevant for the self-development of UNPAR students in responding to changes around the college community. The purpose of this work program is to build and increase the understanding and awareness of participants from TEDxUNPAR 3.0 in responding to the changes in the era of disruption. Accommodating a forum for self-development to cultivate the mindset of the participant in responding to the conditions of the era disruption and establishing relationships with external participants to get new insights and perspectives.

action and campaign department

Diskusi Publik "KPK Riwayatmu Kini" is a program from action and campaign department of Student Executive Board 2021. This work program was held on June 11, 2021. This discussion was held to discuss the dynamics behind the dismantling and weakening of the anti-corruption institution of the KPK and the political and economic motives behind these actions. The purpose of this discussion is to increase the understanding of students and the general public regarding the polemics that occurred around the KPK.

substance and
research department

Kajian Responsif is a program from substance and research department of Student Executive Board 2021. This work program was held on March 1 - 31, 2021. These Responsive studies are the result of research conducted systematically and scientifically related to issues that impact students. The purpose of this study is to contribute to students' understanding of an issue and to help the process of solving problems in the issue.



There are so many things to be gained when we look outside.

All i want is to learn more, more, more.

Is what I've learned enough?

But when I've learned a lot, I'm afraid of feeling empty.

Why can't I guess?

Text by Rizkia Nurulita

Photo by  Rizkia Nurulita

“Sometimes growth requires new company, new locations, and new mindsets.”

Open Submission_Living_Stephanie Liestia Gunawan.jpg

By Stephanie Liestia Gunawan

Open Submission_Living_Stephanie Liestia Gunawan(1).jpg

in the pandemic

Text by  Shinta Febriana

Illustration by Erick Jonathan

Who doesn't know about SARA issues? SARA is a problem that occurs in Indonesia which has been a sensitive issue from the past until now (during the pandemic). During a pandemic, everyone, including the government, is very focused on solving problems related to Covid-19. However, many people are unaware of the old issue, namely the issue of SARA, which continues to develop until now and has not been resolved.

In times of a pandemic like this, it is true that the issue of SARA is not an issue that many people talk about. However, the impact of the SARA issue is very dangerous, guys! One of the impacts of SARA during a pandemic like this is that many people have lost their identity. It's so scary huh..!! Many people pretend to wear masks and be someone else so as not to be insulted, to be accepted in a certain environment or for other reasons.

As we all know, Indonesia is unique because of the diversity of tribes, cultures, religions, and races that other countries do not have. We, who live in Indonesia, should participate in preserving ethnicity, culture, religion, and race because that is the hallmark of the Indonesian nation. If we discriminate against each other, the issue of SARA will never end in Indonesia and will worsen until every person loses their identity. A real example is in this virtual era, many people hide their real identities, such as what ethnicity he belongs to and he admits that he has another tribe so as not to be insulted by others.


People who lose their identity are people who don’t believe themselves and want to be someone else. That's a bad thing, isn't it? If every person loses their identity, then gradually Indonesia will not become a country known as a country with a diversity of ethnicities, cultures, religions, and customs. Therefore, we as a younger generation should create new breakthroughs that have an impact on reducing racial issues. So, the Indonesian can hold their own identity and Indonesia doesn’t lose their identity as a country with various ethnicities, cultures, customs, and religions.

Soon You
Will Get Better

Text by Soffy Nur Hanifah

Illustration by Fransiska Ardelia Cahyawijaya

Have you ever thought that we will experience a pandemic? Experiencing working from home or studying from home because of the pandemic? So many things have changed since the pandemic occurred. From life style to economy. All aspects of life have changed. Including our mental health. Even though things are getting better now, we still can't be free. We currently in the new normal stage.


A lot has happened in this pandemic. There are many people who have lost their loved one. There are many people who have lost their jobs. There are many people who can’t meet their family or best friends. There are many people who are desperate because their life is getting worse, and many other things.

I prefer to interpret this pandemic with word "surprise". Because anything can happen so suddenly, even when we are not ready for it. One day you can feel very happy and the next day you can be so sad. Yes, life goes on and there’s no one to blame. But sometimes our mentality is not strong enough to be able to accept every "surprise" that the universe gives. Especially with the situation that we can only stay at home. Like a bird locked in its cage.


Maybe some of you have managed to get through this adaptation phase well. But there’s also people who experience mental breakdown and maybe even depression. Maybe you are always wondering, "why am I like this?", "Why do I have to go through this?", "Why can't I be like everyone else?”, "Why can't I be as good as other people?" and those questions make you overthink. Maybe you keep blaming yourself for everything that has happened. Maybe you also feel reluctant to tell other people about how you feel, because you know everyone has their own burdens and you don't want to burden them. So in the end you choose to keep it all alone.


I just want to say it's not your fault. We are all in a state that is not ready for this situation. If you want to tell how you feel or if you think you can't handle it all alone, you can share it with the people closest to you. Or if you really can't share it with other people, you can start journaling so the problem is not only buried in your heart and your mind.


It's okay when you suddenly feel more sensitive. Feels like everything is getting really heavy, feels like everything is getting messed up, feeling sad, alone, confused, feel like your mind is so messed up and maybe you don't even feel like you know yourself. It’s okay, you're not alone. There are many people who have experienced the same thing as you and your feelings are valid.


If you are currently in a very difficult situation, try to stop for a moment. Take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Look around you. You are surrounded by a lot of good things that maybe you don’t realize it. There are many little things for which you can be grateful. God knows you can get through this. You should believe that your efforts to continue to survive will never be in vain. Because I believe that what you do to survive right now will lead you to good things in the future. It may sound so cliche, but sometimes the universe does have its own way of delivering your happiness.

lingkungan UNPAR


Photo by Prosferro Arva Alifio Tektono


Photo by Seana Wijaya

Photo by Ferro Arva Alifio Tektono_2.jpg

Photo by Prosferro Arva Alifio Tektono


Photo by Prosferro Arva Alifio Tektono

"Sometimes the greatest test is how you quietly handle those who so boldly mishandled you."

– Morgan Richard 

pandemic has changed
the way we socialize

Text by  Dwinanda Anggiarini

Photo by Pinterest

Last year was really different, different situation, circumstances, school methods that made us really shocked because of the changes. This situation was made by Covid-19. This virus really changed our whole life. We can’t meet people in person anymore, we must isolate ourselves at home, school or work from home, and many rules in this pandemic. This pandemic makes us rarely communicate with people, less desire to socialize. We only scroll through social media and leave some comments in videos, post in instagram and sometimes we weren’t even aware that our comments could hurt other people because we thought that videos were a bad idea or we were just uninterested in that video. Indirectly, it can bring out cyberbullying. 

Getting bullied is not good for our mental health, it can break our mental health and make our pride down. Sometimes we just think that the standardization of beauty is only from physical appearance, outer beauty, what we use, the way we dress, and many more. It feels like when we made something wrong but actually it wasn't wrong, then they give us some bad word or word that we didn't want to hear. Especially when we meet directly with the person we can be beaten and toyed by them. It really breaks the concept of our thinking about our identity, where we should be grateful for what we have, but force us to always want to have what other people have.


This pandemic makes all forms of physical limitations become real, but didn’t rule out the things that happened in virtual life, so I think they want to find something interesting for them by bullying other people. Is it good for us? Even though we know that they didn't mean to hurt us but before we have to know that everyone has their own point of view. Well, they can interpret all things that we say or comment according to their point of view. So, we must appreciate whatever people create and people say even though it’s different from what we expected. The point is trust yourself because only you know who you are and who you really are.

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